Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why do what you do?

Today someone asked me a perfectly reasonable question - What are you passionate about?

At first I thought... Isn't it obvious? I write this blog. I mentor. I hold events. I speak at various sessions. Heck, TIAW put Similar Circle on their roster of women making a difference in 2009!

Then I realised... Sure, I do all these things... but why?

Because I want to help folks find their voice and speak up wherever and however they feel the need. Mostly, that's empowering women - of all ages - since we know the potential power of that choir hasn't yet been heard. But young men as well as women need an ear and a hand. Some fellows are brave enough to admit that everyone can learn a little more no matter the age or level of success.

And if we can spark conversations, if we can ask questions, if we can muse aloud... then we create a door for change and awareness of choice.

The more folks in who bring their circles together, the more voice we have.

What's your passion? Why do what you do?

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