Thursday, July 29, 2010


We talk in shorthand. There's nothing wrong with that - you just need to remember that half the conversation tends to stay in your head. You hear what you meant but others only get the words that actually come out.

Groups tend to develop their own shorthand - acronyms and buzzwords for which folks have a tacit understanding. As individuals, we also tend to have phrases or descriptors for ourselves that we assume friends and family understand.

But really... everyone has their own interpretations. And even if the meanings are close, it's still worth taking the time to express what you really mean.

So when you're describing yourself - in a bio, a resume, an elevator speech or just at a meeting - don't default to the generic terms and buzzwords - be specific. Don't hope folks get what you mean, help them get it.

Be original in a world of buzzwords.

BTW - I don't want be known as original. Everyone is original. I want to be known as sincere, intelligent, talented, effective and interesting! LOL

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