Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Travels - part II

Each city is a chance to see a different point of view. Each adventure is a chance to see a different angle. Each community has its quirks and its qualities.

While traveling around St. John's this week, I've been welcomed into folks' homes, met other tourists, accustomed my ear to new patterns and rhythms and had a few (fleeting) moments of gratitude for my own daily routines at home.

I've stood on the eastern-most point of Canada and listened to the foghorn bellow to the Atlantic. I've danced in the street downtown at 3am.

Perhaps, most importantly - as I spin back and forth between the solitary moments and the community interaction - I've rediscovered that nothing is as important as simply listening to folks. My opinion means nothing if it doesn't fit into the patterns folks weave about themselves. First, listen to yourself. Secondly, listen - just as carefully - to others.

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