Monday, July 5, 2010

Connections are also physical

Connections are not merely emotional or intellectual common points of reference. They are physical too.

Look how our behaviours change with our physical settings and props. Talk to a friend/peer on a couch vs. at a table and see how interaction changes. Talk for 15 minutes with your hands in your pocket. Put 10 people together holding drinks, swap the drinks for ice cream, swap the ice cream for Blackberries. Wear shoes that pinch or a sweater that itches. A noisy cafe vs. a noisy hallway. A phone call in front of a computer screen vs. a call with a mug of coffee and a sunny window.

We spend a lot of time preparing our thoughts and speeches. We seek folks we like and talk through experiences and opinions.

Use the space around you. Even if you never take physical contact beyond the handshake or air-kiss hello, your body and the environment will be part of a successful connection.

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