Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So... what do you do?

If someone asked you "What do you do?" - do you have a prepared answer for that?
  • Is it one that opens the door for conversation or one that offers as little interesting information as possible?
  • Is it one you can use at a party or just a meeting where everyone knows why they are in the room?
  • Is your answer just your job title and where you work?
  • Is it about the value you hope you bring or the work you find exciting?
  • In short, is your answer a story about you that invites others to want to turn the page?
  • Can you deliver it in 3 sentences or less?
None of the above is easy - not the choices, not the telling. Certainly, I'm stumped every time someone asks me that simple question and I mentor others on this subject! :-)

I prepare three versions and hope I'm not tongue-tied when asked. If a bottle of wine is involved, I give the long version....

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