Thursday, February 10, 2011

Truth or Dare...

I have a few friends who love the chain emails where you fill out lists of questions that ask: what you're reading; what you'd take to a desert island; what job you'd hold if you already had a million dollars...  Then there are similar lists on social networking sites - even the professional ones - that are awfully similar when it comes down to it.

Most of us fill the emails out (if we participate at all depending on the friend, the list and the hairiness of the day...) with a few flip remarks designed to make others laugh.  We fill the questions on the social media sites very seriously - thinking through answers designed to impress those who might take the time to read our profile. In short, we cater to an audience.

There is nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing. It's just that sometimes, blogging late at night, I wonder what we'd put if we thought no one was looking. What might we say that may not impress but might reveal? I may very well be reading The No Asshole Rule (thanks Taavi) but I am also reading a book of fantasy stories - and that's the one you'd find in my purse.

We are trained to impress. However, deeper connections with your community come from a revealing moment. So when it is appropriate to do one over the other? Have you thought it through? Talked it through with a mentor?

Revealing can be impressive in and of itself...

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