Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where to go for mentoring tips?

I was asked to pull together a monthly digest of all the sites, blogs, articles and videos (etc.) that have caught my eye each month on the topic of mentoring.

Of course, no one mentioned that they read this blog... LOL

I realised that much of my inspiration comes from conversations and emails with you.

I am not about to put folks' email addresses and say "Go forth and converse!" though it would be an interesting approach.

I did do a few hours of internet searching - found lots of sites selling me their course, listing the Top Ten Tips (which all look the same and don't really help), or talking about mentoring "youth"... because of course the rest of us are too over the hill to learn or need a community? ha!

So where are you going for inspiration on mentoring as either a mentor or mentoree? Who do you go to? How often? What inspires your conversations? What helps you become a better mentor/mentoree?

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