Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Change happens every day. It's the scale and scope of the change that can make us uneasy - or the unexpectedness of it. But change itself is something we all actually do really well.  From choosing fresh clothes to new homes to jobs to careers, big or small, day-to-day or long-range, we seek out and often embrace change.

We, as individuals, are constantly transforming and evolving. As is our world, technology, relationships... So it makes sense that our work transforms too.

Yet, transformation is often seen as 'optional' in the workplace: a choice. Whether a project, re-org or new assignment, scale and scope - the impacts of change - are often overlooked in favour of reciting the 'benefits'.  (And change poorly planned is something about which to be uncomfortable)

Good transformation - personal or professional - isn't about convincing others that the right choices were made. It's about having a strong vision and first committing to it yourself. You are the best ambassador of the changes you wish to see.

Since we know that change isn't optional and that some change is going to happen whether we choose it or not, the trick is to make sense of the of the impacts - good, bad and neutral - and understand how this affects the goals (of the career, the home, the project, etc.)

The real key to transforming isn't living through the change; it's about having a a clear idea of where we are headed which helps us make better choices to guide us through whatever is thrown our way.

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