Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I lost my book

I lost my book - halfway through the story - left it in a hotel lobby. It was an excellent book about a magical circus; the dust cover is in my suitcase so I can find it again. I hope whomever picked it up enjoys it as much as I did.

Grousing about losing my book just before getting on another plane, someone asked "What was so good about it?" The image that sprang to mind was how the author described a "wishing tree" as part of the circus. In the middle of the craziness a night at the circus brings, there was a tree covered in candles. Each candle was a wish and one candle lighted the next wisher's taper.

The tree was a network of wishers and wishes... which is exactly what a good network contains.

I probably don't need to belabour that point :-) 

A professor once said "Why read business books when the real mysteries of human nature can be uncovered in literature?"  That weird little book of the fantastic was affirming my beliefs while taking me outside the drab world of airport lounges and delayed flights. I feel a little lost because the story was cut short.

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