Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Leading from any level

One of my role models just asked the question around what does leading from any level mean?

Leading from any level strips the restraints of hierachy away from the leadership concept. It asks folks to speak out from all their perspectives/experience/view points. It requires not just offering a good idea - but ownership of the idea and its execution. It's a collective approach to keeping the ball rolling.

It also is a clear message to women (or anyone feeling disempowered) that the opportunity is there to be seized.

I wonder though if there doesn't  need to be 2 conversations - one about leading a situation (project issue, niche idea, problem solving)... and one about leading in general - relationships, inspiration, big picture. I think women hesitate over both those aspects - and for different reasons.

Situations often stall due to lack of ownership - which is a form of leadership - someone who steps up and says "I will help and make sure this happens."  General leadership might entail no problem solving but gentle overall steering/cheering/mentoring and long-term guidance.

If leadership is personal, situational and an evolution - then folks need to understand what leadership means to them before they can take the 'permission' to do it from any level?

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