Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank Your Mentor Day!

It is “Thank Your Mentor Day” and I wanted to share a lovely piece as written by Rodger Harding. Each of you contribute in your communities – sharing wisdom, guidance and support – whether you formally mentor or not. Without your generosity of spirit, doors might remain closed.

Anybody can mentor or be mentored at any stage in their career evolution. In this context it is gratifying to see volunteer Mentors step forward every year to identify, access, and enable Mentee excellence. This critical contribution has assisted so many women in their quest to achieve… To discover the type of leader they might become!”  Rodger Harding

Thank you for including me in your circle – professional or personal. I am proud to be part of your world.
“I can see them no more as they are, but as they were meant to be, as they would have liked to be if they had a chance...” –Axel Munthe

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