Monday, January 28, 2013

Roles we play

My mom is coming to visit. This is a great thing - it makes me sort the house, ensure a supply of fresh fruit and think of things to do in the city that I might not do as a regular inhabitant. It also makes me run through the varieties of "me" that hang in my closet.
Julie Michels said once that the minute one hears the opening bars of a familiar song, the body assumes the position for the dance.
We all have a dance with family, another with friends, another with co-workers, with strangers, with those who are strange but familiar on our commutes... Some we like better than others. Some come out at unexpected times. Some are so ingrained, the music is simply hummed unconsciously under our breath.
It is a great skill to be able to relate to a variety of groups and with different styles. It is even better to consciously select the style and "dance" we wish to have.

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