Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Choice always!

The new year for me will always begin in the fall. Maybe it's the years of schooling, maybe the end of summer and watching the trees go to sleep till the new year... but January 1 seems arbitrary :-) 

However, many things are arbitrary: grammar; spelling; rules; guidelines; salaries; hemlines... It's a fact of life. Limits, boundaries and 'strong suggestions' are everywhere.

I'm not advocating fighting all suggested restrictions, only to think about their legitimacy and usefulness and then make an informed choice while accepting any consequences should you choose to buck the norm.

I'm happy to drink champagne with friends on December 31, obey traffic laws and pay bills to keep the lights and heat going. I will swear at spellcheck, negotiate my job duties and push at the "glass ceiling".

There is always a choice available, no matter how small. If something isn't morally, ethically or physically dangerous, then there better be a great reason for someone to tell us "no" or put a limit on things.

My favourite saying to post in training sessions is: "Every rule here can be challenged, except this one." Live thoughtfully; own your choices.

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