Monday, April 8, 2013

Women's safety - prevention over invention?

Did you know a female condom with "teeth" was developed? Or a bra, developed in India, meant to alert authorities if a woman is being raped?

While I applaud the folks who considered violence against women and children enough of a priority to put some thinking behind it, they didn't go far beyond the high-end bandaids. As well, it's enough that we have to pay for product to have a comfortable menstrual cycle :-) (as if I have a choice)... now Indian woman have to buy and wear an electronic bra? Manufacture them in pink and you've got a global marketing strategy ready!

These creative inventions don't offer a solution; the heart of solving the issue of respect for women & children is prevention.

Prevention comes in many sizes - just like the women it can protect.
  • Raising our sons to believe in the diversity agenda
  • Talking opening about hidden issues in the workplace and the home
  • Studies that range from women on boards to violence in communities
  • Link bullying (causes & preventions) to respect for women issues & initiatives

 This week, a woman was killed by her partner here in Toronto. It's a women's issue; it's bullying (it's not just in the school yard); it's a lack of voice; it's a lack of visibility into why, around the world in the home and the workplace, some folks lose their humanity around women & children in a myriad of ways.

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