Monday, May 27, 2013

Stress relief & networking

I just had a glorious massage (thank you Body Blitz!) At the end of an afternoon, I was nothing more than a well-worn, fine piece of velvet left to dry gently in the sun.

Then I returned to my life. I went from velvet to rusty brillo pad at the speed of light.

Like networking, stress relief should not be done only once in a while.

Stress  Relief
Daily activity
Daily activity
Can’t be done alone
Can be done alone
Can reduce stress during tough times
Can reduce stress immediately
Requires contact information (depending on connection)
Requires medical history (depending on treatment)
Is free
Sadly, is not always free
Requires trust
Is not just a big group activity
Has long term benefits

I have now pledged to add 15 minutes to my day for stress relief activities (meditation; a walk; etc.) with a few large activities like Body Blitz thrown in. I'll combine my networking and stress relief where I can and treat myself the way I try and treat my network: with care and respect :-)

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