Wednesday, May 22, 2013


May I speak plainly? Most folks don't say what they mean.

I'm not talking about being polite; I'm refering to a growing tendency to not:
  • express opinions that aren't popular
  • debate
  • be open /transparent
  • be honest about feelings
  • speak from the heart

Speaking openly doesn't mean being brutal about it. It doesn't mean being inconsiderate of someone's feelings (though feelings do get hurt sometimes even when it's not intended). It doesn't mean attacking.

Speaking openly can create better communication: letting issues surface before they become deep-rooted and large. It can take the pressure off guessing what someone 'really' means. It can remove inference /implication and allow both parties to understand each other a little better. It's so easy to misunderstand; why do we add layers of well-meaning misdirection?

Speaking plainly can be uncomfortable initially but create faster and more satisfying resolution.

Try one conversation today where you don't swallow what you were going to say... just gently say it. Chances are you'll be met in kind.

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