Monday, September 9, 2013

Introverts are people too

I am an introvert.

Phew! - feels good to get that off my chest. I have a 'work face' and a 'home face'... my values stay consistent but my energy is definitely quieter and slower when I am at my most creative - which is usually when I am alone behind a closed door.

However you define introvert/extrovert, we all get exhausted some days by crowds and conferences. New information and new people in a steady stream leave little room to absorb what we're hearing and thinking. It's like trying to drink from the shower and not miss a drop. 
The article on LinkedIn below has some usful tips on managing your energy effectively.

In the office, there's the tried and true technique of booking your own calendar to create blocks of thinking-time. At home, I sit on the porch and read and don't come back inside until I can be sure I can listen to others. It can take 10 minutes or an hour but rather than fight the need for silence, I find small gulps of it to help me pace myself along the day.

Women especially do too much and even the most social of us need downtime. It's a great mentoring topic as this is part of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership profiles.

Do you know what recharges you? How often do you do it? Is it a wish or a habit?

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