Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Take time to reflect

Kids are back in school and I'm back at the keyboard after a month with no connectivity and the sound of wind in the trees for conversation. Yes, a cabin in the woods near a lake.

Time to reflect is rare - especially if you have an assignment in a for-profit company where the pace is fast and the lines between personal and work time become blurred. Like the shoulder stretches we're supposed to do every 20 minutes (?) when sitting at a computer for hours at a time, letting our minds take a moment to free associate, putting worries on the back burner so creativity can simmer or genuinely sitting down for structured reflection rarely gets priority.

A few places we can squeeze in the time? 
  • 5 extra minutes in the washroom (not kidding)
  • before falling asleep (keep pen & paper by your bed in case you're hit by inspiration)
  • block 15 minutes in your calendar at the end of the work day
  • a walk before or after a meal
  • use the 10 minutes that always seems to loom before the start of your favourite TV show
As children, we spent lots of time day dreaming and letting thoughts percolate. As adults, we've changed our mindset to need an immediate answer and to skip 'lessons learned' when time is tight. We can't know we're moving forward if we don't know the direction from whence we came...

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