Monday, January 5, 2015

I predict… change…

2015  - we're still early in the century and already the last 15 years have seen changes (good & bad) of global proportions similar to the scale seen early in the 20th century. The world doesn't stop spinning and neither does the human race. Avoiding change is as useful and practical as not breathing.

Knowing change will happen:
Assume change means it will possibly be unexpected
If you only like predictability, don't go for weather forecasting, stock trading or planning your evenings based on the TV Guide
Prepare for change
Whether you keep lists, go for counseling, practice positive questioning or simply have spare batteries in the junk drawer – do what makes you feel more mentally/emotionally prepared to accept the unexpected
Laugh in the face of change
Because, really, it's amusing when it's not happening directly to you
Advocate change
Look like a forward thinker. Call it disruptive or continuous improvement; just see the glass as half full and encourage others to feel better about it.
Change something
Your wardrobe. Your hair. Your job. Your self-talk. Your eating habits. Pick something in your control and do it the way you've always really wanted to do it.

Change is living life day to day and knowing each decision is a point in time with the information you have at that moment.

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