Monday, January 12, 2015

Plausible deniability = consensus

Consensus & collaboration… If we were hoping they were the buzz words of 2012, then the bad news is the conversation is as fierce and ongoing today as then.

Today, during a stimulating breakfast conversation with a wonderful woman, the topic was raised. "Grrr," I growled. "Consensus is another form of political correctness: needed in certain instances and a case of plausible deniability in others."

Plausible deniability is when a group uses consensus to reach a loose decision and then individuals feel free to distance themselves (in opinion or action) from the outcome of the meeting. It's lip service.  It's the equivalent of saying "Yes, that's what we agreed but not what I supported."

What does true collaboration look like in your world? How do you handle plausible deniability?

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