Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Skill list - part one: passions & potential

The next few Monday posts will be about creating a view of our skills that helps in figuring out what might motivate us in a job. Your preferences and abilities will shift over time; updating this once a year or so is usually good housekeeping.

This list can help you craft a cover letter, figure out what to showcase in a resume, explain to a manager what you bring to the table, and, most importantly, is a wholistic view of capabilities.

So for the next week or two, try this first step:


  • Single-spaced
  • No order
  • Personal & professional


Write down all the skills you have to offer – regardless of level of expertise.
·         Include everything you love to do
·         Include all you've been paid to do
·         Include all you're learning to do
·         NO JUDGMENT on the skills… if they meet the criteria above, put it down. We will sort it later.

Ensure big buckets are broken into their components  eg. Project Management is a big bucket… what skills do you mean if you say project management?

Ask friends and trusted peers to help you think of skills; to challenge you on what you mean (the big buckets).

This could take at least 2 weeks for about 30 min a day. Your list might be as long as 6-10 pages.

It's like an inventory of who you are with no sorting… a kitchen cupboard full of baking supplies before you've decided what to make.

e.g. I am a GREAT cake baker but a LOUSY icer…but I can ice a cake… so I would not list "baking" … too vague.. but cake baking and cake icing.

Other example:
writing monologues in different voices
speech writing for other people
editing executive presentations for tone and content
financial oversight of server assets

creation of project plans with key milestones

What are all the things you do?

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