Monday, February 29, 2016

Skills list - part three - 60 min

By now you might be wondering why I'm spacing out the instructions.

Some of us have a tendency to read ahead to the end. Then we try to skip to creating the end product at the start. This sabotages the purpose of this exercise - to create a wholistic, unjudged skill set against which we can then put criteria. As your criteria and interests change, you can move the skills to different boxes.

First you have to have a list... that's the hardest part. Last week, putting the list into two columns, you judged each skill's worth to others ($). Today you'll judge them against your own current feelings /point in time.

Now the list moves into 4 quadrants. If you really enjoy/like doing the skill today (vs. yesterday or tomorrow), it should be in the top left quadrant. If you could pass a week or a month and not miss doing it, bottom left quadrant. Same for the right hand side.

Left Column                      Right Column
Worth paying me lots         Not yet worth solid $
Like doing                        Like

Left Column                      Right Column
Worth paying me lots         Not yet worth solid $
ok or indifferent                ok or indifferent            

You've now got a snapshot of what you have to offer and what you hope to learn/improve. As you get better at some things/ bored with others / find new skills, then you can update the list. I do this once a year.

Next week is the last set of instructions, promise.

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