Monday, February 22, 2016

Skills list: part two - 10 minutes

Take the list. Be glad you did it!
Divide it into two columns reflecting how good you think you are for each skill:

Left Column                      Right Column
Worth paying me lots         Not yet worth solid $

Set the "lots" to be whatever you consider top dollar for your current role.

  • I usually say would I feel ok taking $50 per hour which allows me to judge my baking against my communication planning on the same scale.  
    • I would not take $50 per hour for my chocolate truffles as good as they taste because they are not yet mastered
    • I would take $50 per hour for my knitted cuffs because they are
    • I would take $50 to create a change plan
    • I would not take $50 to have me negotiate alone with a vendor
Make sense?  Don't agonize over any item. If in doubt, ask those who helped you with the list creation to assist with a judgment call.

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