Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween - time to network with your neighbours!

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What better time to make a few connections? Even us introverts can reach out more comfortably on a night when strange children run up to your door asking for candy while their parents stand by in a shadow. 

A few tricks with the treats:
  • Have some disposable cups and some hot coffee in a thermos to offer the parents
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbours you recognize that you may not have done more than waved to before
  • Offer to pool candy bowls and share porches or door duty for an hour so time passes more quickly
  • Crack open a bottle of wine and bring a glass to the neighbours around you before the foot traffic starts
  • Prep a little special bag for the children you may know in your 'hood with an extra treat
  • Offer to take photos of neighbours and their children when they come by and then trade email addresses

These little kindnesses (and any others you can add) are often remembered and a great way to break the ice. Knowing our neighbours makes our community better for all.

Happy Hallow's Eve!

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