Monday, October 24, 2016

Tech is not ruining your ability to connect with others

A tool is not a solution; a tool is an accelerator for a solution. Conversely, a tool is not the the single point of failure for something not going well but we do use this kind of thinking as an excuse.

Technology isn't getting in the way of people connecting any more than credit cards force people to go into debt. They are tools and, like any tool, can serve a different purpose than originally intended if the user is determined.

Even 100 Years Ago People Were Worried about Technology Ruining Relationships points out that our desire to connect circumvents obstacles and uses new methods as available to engage.

Yes, it is silly to hold a family dinner with everyone on a smart phone. If in person, be in person. Sit in the moment: watch the movie; listen at the meeting; converse at coffee.

I love knowing I can reach my son in Vancouver via text in the middle of the day. My dad sends me 2am emails for my morning laugh. Dinner dates are arranged while I'm on the commute to work. I also meet folks from around the work via social media - relationship that have moved on to Skype, FaceTime and sometimes trips on cool jets that take me around the globe in less time than it often took me to pack for the trip.

Do you find the issue is more that we're too connected to each other via technology and therefore the only way to gain solitude is to unplug and turn off devices?

Technology is a tool. Community building and networking is a necessity. Use whatever tools we can get!

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