Monday, February 20, 2017

Be an applicant, not a supplicant

Too often when applying and interviewing, we're so intent on being the best possible candidate that we forget job satisfaction is a two-way street. Your and your job are in a relationship and that means if you go in as though it's all about the other party, you may never start from a firm foundation.

Is it too brazen to ask yourself "what will I get out of this company /position / challenge?"  Nope.

It is definitely worth knowing the top skills you bring to the table; these are the skills you present to the potential manager to show why they should hire you. These are the skills that mean you are the best candidate. These are the skills that will benefit the company.

The question that often gets asked by the hiring manager is "why this company?"  This is often used as a further opportunity to show how much the company will benefit from your presence because it's a match-made-in-heaven. Let's take a different angle.

"Why this company" is a chance to explain what you are hoping to achieve in the position for yourself. Evaluating both sides of the equation better showcases a situation for mutual benefit.

  • What skills are you hoping you'll improve or learn? 
  • What leadership or management trait do you want to experience or deepen? 
  • What industry perspective are you intent on adding to your resume? 
  • How does this take you a step further in your career plan (as worked out with your mentor)?
  • Will you be able to build on the same vision, ethics, passions...?
If the job is building on the skills you have, what is the job offering you that's new(er) and necessary to your plans and passions?

You bring great things to the table. It is respectful and necessary to identify and request opportunities beyond a paycheque be be offered in return.

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