Monday, February 27, 2017

March 8 - International Women's Day

What are you doing for IWD this year?

It is often a day that passes with little fanfare. There are no marches or gifts of flowers. No moment of silence and no block parties. ...but there could be any of that.

The beauty of the day is we can make it our own with gestures large or small. We can take a minute, hour or day. It can be quietly personal or extended to whomever we please. The focus can range from general celebrations of respect to ideas supporting further economic, political and social contributions  by women.

Stuck for ideas? Try:

  • a beverage date with good friends 
  • offering 30 minutes of your time to a woman for career (or other) support
  • blog a tip or a tool
  • sign up to be a mentor
  • thank a woman for something specific that inspired you
  • send a note to a political leader about change you would like to see
  • leave comments on social media for sites/blogs/ articles which made you think
  • attend an event
  • volunteer at an event
  • create an event
  • call your mom, aunt, sister
I will be cheering all our choices!

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