Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I can’t tell my manager

That I’m not sure this job is the right one for me anymore
That I don’t know if this career path is the right one for me anymore
That I don’t have a key skill you assume I have - or I don’t have it to the extent you assume I have it.
That I don’t know how to manage you.
That my methods of dealing with department politics are failing me this month.
That I am questioning the validity of the assignments I’m getting.
That recognition is not given in ways that are meaningful to me.
That my friends/family think I’m in the wrong space.
That I’m not challenged. That I’m too challenged. That I’m bored. That I’m antsy. That I’m questioning myself.
Why should I do this? Why should I do this?

Even mentors ask these questions. None of us are alone. No questions are negative if you are willing to hear a difficult answer.
Questioning is good. Not questioning leads to no change.


Taavi Burns said...

So...are these things that you really should talk to your manager about (if you're actually interested in sticking around), or are these the kinds of questions one saves for mentors and friends?

Dennie said...

Depends on your relationship with your manager and the culture in which you work.

But always bring them to your mentoring community.