Friday, September 5, 2008

Why would Oprah care about my book?

(Yup, I’m working on a book about building a personal community: networking and mentoring.)

Yes, someone asked me that recently. No, I didn’t consider it impertinent.

Not that I expect Oprah to ever read it when I finish. But it’s still a really good question.

Why should anyone care? (oh.. that’s a slippery slope filled with ‘who am I to think I have something new to say’ etc.) But really - why?

You know, it’s not the book itself, nor the blog, that drives me to sit at the computer. It’s that I really believe building a personal community - with sincerity, commitment and real relationships (filled with people you honestly Like having coffee with!) - leaves us all with better neighbourhoods, better friendships, more resources to share and more openness to new experiences.

The concept takes us beyond the value of one, the benefits for one, the ambition of one and opens doors that ripple out beyond even the folks you try to directly affect. You don’t have to be altruistic to be successful in this equation; you have to be genuine and dedicated to the effort required.

My dedication is taking the form of a book these days. I’m calling on the experiences of my network for it. I’m sharing the mentoring advice I’ve been given and have offered. I’m trying to extend the reach of these ideas and counsel beyond those I can actually touch personally.

Because I care. I’ve based my whole way of life on it. I don’t know if anyone, including Oprah, feels the way I do. But I sincerely hope so.

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