Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Winter Prep

No matter how old I get, September will always be the real ‘new year’. School starts; work gears back up; and winter preparation begins.

You’ve heard of spring cleaning but not winter prep? That’s where you look at your home and get it ready for winter (gardens, closets, boot trays - whatever your routines are). You look at work and *sigh* think about all the things that will now pile up. You make a resolution to stay on top of things this fall because, before you know it, the holidays will be upon you. And, if you’re like me, you look at yourself and wonder how come you didn’t start/finish all the personal projects you had planned to complete by Aug.31.

If you’re really like me you might even do some mental self-flagellation over that last item while eating copious amounts of dark chocolate.

I believe we spend a lot of time worrying or fussing over all the things we don’t get to. How many of you - in recent memory - made a mental or actual list of everything you have accomplished in the last month?

That’s the best ‘winter prep' and school-year resolution I can offer you. Make a list of what you have done lately. Keep it up-to-date. Review it often - not for gaps - but to feel proud.

One day, when you’ve had that list for a few months, you can use it to show your boss your accomplishments, your loved ones your successes or a potential new employer your capability for projects that span across all aspects of your community.

We don’t remember what we accomplished. We do remember what we have yet to do. Spend some time making a useful reminder for yourself and celebrate it on a regular basis!

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