Thursday, February 26, 2009

100% Involved

I read that 10% of users are responding to content generated by 1% of users on any given internet site.

That means 90% of you are just reading and 'lurking' in the shadows.

Does it stand to reason that the same statistics apply to in-person events? (Gatherings, meetings, parties, forums, etc. ) It probably does when I think about the patterns I've observed.

And yet I'm asking you all for 100% participation! Not necessarily on this blog (though feel free) But in your own choices - becoming a committed part of the 10% in your own lives.

If you don't choose to engage....and the person next to you doesn't choose to engage....well why bother? If we don't make a commitment to stick our toes into at least that much, then what do we hope to achieve?

Am I unrealistic?

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