Friday, February 13, 2009

Networking and Mentoring Are Like Dating

It is February after all…. Here’s my top 10 ways networking and mentoring are like dating.

10 - It’s all about making connections. Some will lead to more, some will lead to dead ends, some will take you to unexpected places.

9 - You have to be willing to like the person with whom you are attempting to connect.

8 - You have to be willing to offer and accept criticism - good and uncomfortable.

7 - Food is the best way to start building bridges. Coffee and chocolate are natural conversation starters.

6 - Self-depreciation is not sexy during a first meeting or career discussion.

5 - Intense discussions are best held in daylight.

4 - A common vocabulary and shared experiences are great ways to avoid micommunication.

3 - Someone who insists they're always 'right' will ‘miscommunicate’ with you a lot.

2 - A bottle of Shiraz will not help them change their mind.

1 - Keep your sense of humour at all times!

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