Friday, February 27, 2009

Women and Consensus

I was sent a terrific email the other day:

“I’ve often wondered how many women need to be around the table for the tone/approach/culture to truly shift. 20%? 50%?

I think in smaller numbers, frankly, we’re more effective. Once there are more women than men around a table, I think driving decisions gets a little harder because women (generally) operate on such instinctively consensus nature.

I think women drawn to fields with more men tend/need to be more aggressive and might be more effective at driving consensus when they are still outnumbered.”

Is it our role to drive consensus? Or is it a leadership necessity regardless of gender?

Does an all-female team work slower towards decisions?

When you mentor (or are mentored) does the topic of collaboration - as a skill to hone - ever come up?

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