Monday, March 30, 2009

Context to Imperfection

“A good relationship understands and gives context to imperfection as a human phenomenon – There is nothing better than being able to honestly express fear, uncertainty and anxiety in a safe environment.” Rodger Harding

There are many things I love about this quote from Rodger (see "interesting sites" on the right side for a direct link to Rodger) First, we all need safe zones - places to express doubt or to come clean about mistakes without fear of finger pointing or being thought of as less than capable. A good friend, a mentor and a mirror can be great safe places to have these conversations.

Perhaps what makes this statement really come alive for me is that not only do we need a person/place where we can express ourselves freely - we need a context in which to consider the implications and reasons.

Having a person/place in which to express our worries, errors and concerns is a great gift. Even greater is the ability to discuss them, create a context for them and make sure doubt and worry don’t loom larger in our perspective than they should.

The old cliché “everyone makes mistakes” is truer than we’d like to think. One mistake shouldn’t define you. Doubt shouldn’t paralyze you. Criticism is feedback. Your safe zone should reflect all of you - the imperfect and the joyous.

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