Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What do I talk to my mentor/mentee about?

In my attempts to avoid the ‘how-to’s, I present yet another one…

Discussion topics to raise with a mentor/mentee
• the "ins and outs" of industries or organizations
• locating other folks in other industries or organizations with whom you could have a tea and build your community
• a ‘safe place’ to discuss concerns or ideas around community, career, etc.
• share guidance, advice and encouragement (and the occasional smack to the head as I required this week - thanks Paulette!) for career, balancing work and personal, being a woman in the work force, etc.
• get invited other networking/mentoring opportunities through events, meetings, etc.
• practice “communication skills” - listening, questioning, offering feedback, introductions, etc.
• learn about a specific business, not-for-profit or personal endeavor / environment

Fun things to do with your mentor/mentee
Other than having time just to talk about what’s on your mind… well you can try one of the items below
• attend meetings, planning sessions or events together (golf, networking event, bowling, seminars, theatre, etc.)
• meet for coffee or a meal (I love breakfasts!)
• introduce each other to others in your communities
• give feedback- openly, honestly and with respect
• role playing (e.g. mock interviews or introductions) - I hate this but once or twice it has been helpful
• involve each other in a project
• "shadow" the mentor for a day
• bookclub approach - articles and books to discuss on selected topics

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