Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things we consider at "hello"

I've been out a lot this week and was musing on this subject on the subway home...

These are personal. It was interesting to me where I look and what I consider.

1 - Are they smiling? I hate meeting folks who looked worried to meet me.

2 - What shoes are they wearing? I can't help it!! I look!!

3 - What colour are their eyes? Or do I get distracted before I really look at them?

4 - Do they immediately ask me a question or do we sit in a short silence before one of us has to break it?

5 - Are their hands rough or sticky?

6 - Can I make them laugh right away?

This is about the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. I've been monitoring myself all week. I'm not sure if this is criteria I've chosen or my default/gut approach. It's certainly worth exploring. And even worth exploring how I might stack up if someone asked the same questions when meeting me...

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