Monday, April 20, 2009

Achieving "Yes"

I've been teaching at a local college this winter and the course is drawing to a close. We talked about networking, relationships, negotiation, mentoring, facilitation and a myriad of topics that took us back to the same question: "how do I get someone to say 'Yes'?"

There's no one method. There's not one path. There are as many right answers as there are combinations of people to create the question.

It all comes back to you - your passion, your commitment, your research, your style and your timing. Sometimes all those factors will be in your control and sometimes not (especially timing).

"Yes" comes from your partner(s) feeling they can handle the risk involved. From feeling like the effort involved is worth it. From wanting to support the person they like (even if the proposal is lacking).

"Yes" isn't about an airtight argument. "Yes" is a show of support. "Yes" is an adventure together.

The next time you are inclined to say "No"... ask yourself why? What's missing? What would have tipped the scales? Learn from your own hesitation to eliminate for others.

Achieving "Yes" is as much about self-awareness as it is about any method.

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