Friday, April 24, 2009

Having a mentoring conversation?

Help chunk information and advice to each other:

1. Connect.
Conversation is 2-way.
• Ask open-ended questions.
• Share stories – they are key to building a relationship.

2. Listen. This is the greatest gift we can offer each other.

3. Inform and explain.

Informing = things they might not know yet. It’s a supportive action, allowing your partner to make their own decision if the new information changes anything.

Explaining means helping understand - providing background and context. You can explain your opinion, your choice or your action. It’s not defensive – it’s the logic behind your decision.

4. Challenge assumptions. Help prepare everyone to answer questions and arguments outside of the circle.

5. Celebrate together. Recognize or acknowledge successes. Find what did work from ideas that didn’t come to fruition.

6. Be accountable. Commit to actions and follow up. This ensures the longevity of your relationship and allows you to put the ideas into action.

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