Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Linking In

Yes, I’m on LinkedIn. I’m also on Facebook – but my picture there is a baked potato (get it?). I don’t tweet but I sometimes read them. I ‘google’ and sometimes ‘bing’. I think I do my RSS feeds incorrectly. I definitely blog. I’m on several discussion boards but often ‘lurk’. I attend events and usually wander away vaguely dissatisfied with them. I prefer coffee and tea – one/one or in small groups. I’m constantly emailing. I attend lectures and sometimes give them. I avoid the phone and conference calls seem to be the bulk of my work day.

I figure I meet hundreds of new folks each month and remember at least five of them.

I write several thousand words each month and enjoy all of them.

I work a long week, parent every minute I can, include my friends in everything I do outside my house and spend quiet time (me, no kid, no phone calls) every weekend.

I’m not exceptional; I’m organized. I’m not unique; I’m deliberate in my choices.

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