Monday, August 3, 2009

Social media is just one more toolset

This social media stuff really gets folks riled up - as though one is questioning the integrity of their mothers!

It’s all tools. And tools are only valuable if you need them and use them. And only as good as the plan for information and usage that surrounds them. They don’t solve anything in and of themselves … they're not inherently amazing or awful. It's all in how you - personally - use them.

Computers, social networking tools and all the tweets in the world will not do your networking for you. You still have to share information. You still have to talk with people across the various media. You still have to have a need to share information or find folks with whom you can discuss information.

I like these tools. I use them. But they are not my religion. I don’t even believe they’ve evolved fully yet and here we are trying to box their uses.

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