Thursday, August 6, 2009


Similar Circles is something I started with no idea of how wide or deep the ripples would be. I had no grand plan; I merely wanted to share my opinion and encourage others to do the same.

It was an amazing experience yesterday to be in a room filled with folks who regularly attend the events (and listen to me rant between them) and who had strong and terrific thoughts around what Similar Circles now stands for.

It was an ad hoc ‘steering committee’ meeting at which there was no consensus on a particular plan of action. But the entire room was supportive and vocal about the sentiment and philosophy that brought us together in the first place in 2007.

I am filled with gratitude today for their words of wisdom and support. And for your support, dear reader.

Real connections with real people that support your professional growth – and, by extension, your personal communities too. I believe in that.

My life has changed as a direct result of the Similar Circles crowd. I am so excited.

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