Monday, September 28, 2009

What role does social media play? Part II

What technology is out there?
I just read that it will soon be possible to publish 4 second video clips on Twitter. Wow. If video is your medium, then that's got to be good news.

Many of us are using the bigger, common platforms you most likely have heard of like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and Delicious. If you haven't taken a tour of these sites, it's worth a look. It's also worth asking those in your network/community what they use - another method of coming together.

The tools available are changing rapidly. Any list I publish today will be out of date quickly. So don't focus on what's out there now, ask what you need in order to express yourself?

What technology to use?
Like anything else, it is a mix of your style and the needs of your audience.

I prefer words: blogs, emails, comments. I know that some readers of this blog have asked for podcasts (audio files) and more pictures. Many have commented that we need webinars on hot topics (audio, visual, and interactive Q&A).

Currently, words suit both my style and my audience. Eventually, we're both going to evolve.

In every case the tool should suit the desired end and the content offered. So that goes back to your style - how do you offer content? How do you like to receive it? How should your community view it? Choose the tools that reflect those preferences and needs.

More on the next post...

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