Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Young women & body image film festival

In understanding what ‘building a personal community’ can mean – I’m encountering terrific stories from across the Similar Circles members.

From the smaller action of offering 30 minutes of time for a coffee, to running events, to social media forums, to film and video, everyone is contributing to the body of expertise and thought that is changing the world as we know it.

It’s challenging. It’s incredibly personal. It’s making change large and small.

Recently, some of our circle focused their attention on how young women are influenced by body image. Soap companies explore this issue as do families every day. Sponsored by another community - The Girl Guides - the video festival used a network of like-minded folks to create a body of work on a topic that concerns us all.

I’m happy to add a post to help raise awareness.

Link to all videos and an excerpt from the press release:

Talented female artists from across Canada, including filmmakers,
writers, animators, directors and orators donated their time and joined Girl
Guides of Canada to bring the various issues young girls face to life, through
dynamic short films for the Perspectives on a Girl online film festival.

Experience the online film festival by visiting

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