Monday, February 1, 2010

It is ok to not network occasionally

I'm committing the ultimate 'boo boo'... I'm sitting at a party with a computer, blogging about networking while avoiding the crowd actually in front of me.

My hosts, who know me well, are finding this latest attempt at reluctant networking very amusing. Their guests are looking at me strangely.

Some days it's simply too much effort to talk to strangers. That's true for even the most sociable of us. Networking is not a 24/7 occupation; it's a choice, a good habit and a long-term view on life. When it comes to events (parties, industry gatherings, formal affairs), I have always suggested that one set a goal for the event instead of simply showing up.

My goal today was to support my friends rather than meet everyone in their (rather spacious) house. Yes, I may have missed a few good stories/folks but I know my limits and network within 'em.


Christine said...

What a great post. Thank you for making it easier on those of us who struggle to network.

dennie said...

Thanks Christine!