Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Mentoring

I know it's good practice to get one's priorities set for the week. It's even better to tackle the big pieces first, in bite-sized chunks, to not let things pile up and keep a sense of accomplishment going. It's really terrific to plan beyond a week at a time, seeing the larger picture of life and not letting the daily traffic drag one down.

But it is February... and grey... and damp...

My Monday priority for the week is to stop looking and planning ahead for 7 days and just be aware of where I am now.

I am counseling all my mentorees to take a breath, a moment of gratitude or even a nap. We'll figure out/take stock/evaluate next week. This week, I suggest we just be present.

I'll listen to folks while they talk and not think 2 steps ahead. I'll eat whatever is already stockpiled in my freezer. I'll enjoy what I've got and where I am before I move on to wondering if I should change anything.

Movement and action isn't always what's needed. Reflection can be overdone. Awareness is an underrated sense of being.

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