Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More unwinding ideas

Thanks to all of you who sent in these ideas. I call them "joy breaks"... something that pulls you away from your desk and back into a more creative frame of mind.

 15 min. walk in the middle of the afternoon
 Call a friend just to say ‘hi’
 Pop into an office and share a story (not a b*tch session... a story)
 Gelato or coffee run
 Read 3 pages of a book or 10 of a magazine
 Sit with your back to your computer for 10 min.
 Plan how to spend $10,000
 Google “chocolate” and read 3 entries on the 10th page of results

Ask your mentors and mentorees what they do to refresh mind and spirit when 15 min. is all they have.

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