Friday, April 9, 2010

Work/life again

Since the original work/life balance post, I've gotten a lot of email.

One person told me how her boss was not pleased that folks were 'forced' to not work on Good Friday. Another told me how his boss was shocked that a fellow on his team actually took parental leave.

Most (not all) of the stories reflected the struggle folks feel they have in convincing management that one should be allowed to do the bare minimum in keeping health/family/friends/outside activities going.

That's sad. There is so much education, publicity and wellness workplace programs that one would think we'd progressed.

Mentors - are you addressing/discussing this issue with your mentorees? Where is it on your/their agenda?

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Laura Hagglund said...

I hadn't seen the original post until now. i'm not a mentor, so I can't comment on how that's being addressed - But I often find that "balance" is missing. I have a lot going in my life, and the work part often leaves me exhausted, and sometimes I skip 'life' things to pass out. But I still make sure I do what's most important to me. I only feel guilty when I leave work on time and see the others in my department working late. I wonder what they think of me. - "oh look at her, ONLY working 8 hours, and she took the entire 1 hour lunch she's entitled to! Agahst!" but I think it's in my head.