Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Influences from afar

We all know the parlour game of asking "Who, alive or dead, would you want at a dinner party and why?"

It's the why? that fascinates me. (it's always the why) From style icons to great thinkers, world changers to local legends, we absorb the stories and aspire to some of their messages. They are not quite mentors but they do influence us.

So which three women, alive or dead, but who you've never met do you feel have had an impact on your life?

Me? For today, I'll pick:
Elizabeth I - for courage, love of the arts, surviving her childhood, finding her way in an unfriendly world and defying convention.

Katherine Hepburn - for wearing trousers, speaking her mind and defying convention.

Carol Burnett - for understanding the pain of humour, teaching us to laugh and defying convention.


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Karim Kanji said...

Mohammed Ali - for continuing to be a humanitarian and a polarizing figure.

Prince Karim Aga Khan - for his continuing service to humanity in the face of East-West culture clash.

Mitch Joel - to figure out how he can do it all with just 24hrs a day.