Monday, September 13, 2010

Making career plans

Making career plans sounds sensible, is up there on the list with "do laundry and sort basement", and usually ends up being no more specific than a chat over tea with friends. (or beer...)

I am the first to say that putting together a career plan is simply a line in the sand. However, it's a great line to draw even if you know it will move, morph and meander.

Since September is the 'real' new year - back to school, change of season, prep for winter, etc. - why not ask yourself:
1 - Given what I know today, where would I like to be in 3-5 years?
2 - Given what I'm doing today, what do I need to change or add to get to #1?
3 - Who should I talk with in my community for their perspective?

Then set one goal a month that is a step towards #1. A simple step - nothing as monumental as sorting the entire basement - but perhaps unearthing the winter boots and the snow tires as a first step.

As you turn over ideas and sort through the tasks that make up the steps towards your goal, you'll learn a few things and perhaps change your mind along the way. You'll also keep your development fresh and your commitment to your own ideas moving.

Making career plans isn't always about getting there; sometimes it's about the journey.

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