Friday, September 17, 2010

Your values are your career plan

I don't actually care what industry my job is in.


I don't have a target job or company in mind. (another gasp here)

I do care that I am encouraged to bring my core values and skills to the table. I care that I have scope to lead and scope to learn. I will bring my values, skills and curiosity to whomever believes they are worth a salary.

Do I have a few dream jobs? Absolutely: Executive Director of a not-for-profit; professor; social media strategist; writer; speaker... to name a few. These days I'm trying to understand change - not the theories, but the practical applications to deal with changes and still maintain a sense of choice. I don't know what that job title is but I'm making it part of my career too.

Following your passion isn't necessarily about a particular job - though it can be. Following passion is simply about following your heart. Some days my heart is very boring or weary; most days it offers a reason to keep exploring the world around me.

Care deeply about what you do - not on a daily business but as something that reflects who you want to be inside, do what reflects your values. You shouldn't be judged on your values - only on not committing to them or thwarting someone else's.

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